Personalize Your Power With Punch’d Gummies

January 29 18:26 2015
A Gummie that gives with a Natural & Clean Caffeine Boost

Punch’d Gummies are packed with a big punch of clean caffeine ~1/2 Cup of coffee’s worth of energy per gummie. Low Cal, Low Carb, Low Cost perfect little pre-game and peak performance product. Improve focus and stamina on a personal level well into overtime, whenever and wherever you need the boost. Limitless possibilities. 

Silicon Valley, California – Natural caffeine from Punch’d Energy is one of the best ways to boost your energy. The market place is saturated with energy products full of sweeteners, acids, and artificial junk. Punch’d Gummies are a new functional food that deliver clean caffeine bean energy without unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients. Punch’d is not an energy drink or a candy. The Punch’d Gummie campaign has launched at: and

Standout attributes of Punch’d Gummies include:  

• Personalized Power

• Portable & Travel approved

• Powerful Coffee Bean Energy

• Clean Health Conscious Nutrition

• Natural Caffeine No Compromise

Punch’d Energy is a nutriceutical product company specializing in a unique caffeine delivery system. The Company vision is to develop life enhancing consumer products without the unnecessary sugars and ingredients. Punch’d Gummies represent the next step in the evolution of PEP (Personal Energy Products).

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