Different irritating methods have different irritating equipments

January 29 09:07 2015

Jan 29, 2015 – America – There are many irritating methods for today’s agricultural industry and different irritating method should base on the different Irrigation Machinery. Today, the famous Irrigation Machinery and Harvester supplier agriculturemachinerybusiness.com will introduce with people those irritating methods and related equipments.

Ground water irrigation is the method that bring the water from ditch, canal or pipeline to the land surface and then the principle of the gravity will let the water infiltrate into the soil. This method has the advantages of microclimate affect. At the same time, it also has more disadvantages such as the high irrigation capacity, low effectiveness of the using of water and difficult to irrigate sloping terraces. However, the investment, equipment and technical requirement for this method is very simple. The main equipment includes water pump, water pipe, power equipment such as motor and others.

Subsurface irrigation is the method that mainly use the specialized equipment built under the ground, such as pipes, rat holes and others. The water will be introduced under the field and then enhance the bottom soil moist by the capillary action. The main equipments for this irrigation method include ground water pipes, water seepage device rat holes and buried perforated pipe. The water will enter into the soil by these rat holes or pipes so this method has been called subsurface irrigation. The advantages of this irrigation method are the good irrigating quality and low water consumption.

The sprinkler irrigation is the method which makes use of the specialized device that will let pressurized water be sprayed into the air and then fall onto the ground. This irrigation method can play a greater degree of water-saving effect and it could also help to avoid soil compaction and keep the soil aggregate structure. In general, this method could is conducive to enhance the production. As the introduction by the famous harvester for sale manufacturer and supplier agriculturemachinerybusiness.com, the main equipment for this kind of irritation method includes sprinklers, nozzles, pumps, pipes and accessories, power machine, gear, walking round and others.

Drip irrigation is the method that relies on underground pipes to transport the water to the irritated field and then the water will be continuously dripped to the roots of the plants and the soil of the roots part of the plant will keep moisture conditions. Compared with drip irrigation, surface irrigation and other methods, this method is more conducive to water conservation, labor force saving, increase production and others. The major equipments of this irritation method include ground and underground piping, pumps, power machine and so on.

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