EASY LIFE Planner – An Innovative Way that Makes Scheduling Simple and Enjoyable

January 28 18:25 2015
A Planner That Is Made Specifically For Mothers

San Francisco, CA – Jan 28, 2015 – Esma Kokkidou is a caring mother of two children, a prominent business woman in the finance industry, and a loving wife. Every day she creates a to-do list that is plain, simple, and makes taking care of monotonous tasks frustrating and boring. This prompted her to create a solution that will make planning more fun for moms, developed specifically to meet a mother’s needs. This solution is the EASY LIFE Planner for Moms. To bring this amazing planner to the world, her team has established an IndieGoGo campaign that will raise capital to produce the first round of EASY LIFE planners.

The planner is a unique daily tool. It is organized in a way that has never been done before. The EASY LIFE Planner is not just a simple planner. It is a notebook for moms and a daily confidante they can trust in. This planner allows a mother to record and keep safe all the beautiful memories she goes through as a parent. The planner is made to benefit moms who want to enjoy life and stay happy as they work hard to raise their family. Using this planner, mothers can organize their hectic schedule and also schedule their children’s itinerary, while still making it enjoyable.

For over 18 months, Esma teamed up with other moms to make sure this planner would meet the needs of all mothers. These women understood the struggles of keeping it together while working and raising a family. The team consisted of talented individuals among which a psychiatrist, pediatrician, experts in diet and nutrition, designers and artists. Together, they were able to bring a new way in organizing daily life that will transform the mindset of mothers into that of a happier mom. It will bring joy to their hearts, to help them live longer, improve their life, be more productive, and add more value for those that rely on them. 

In the planner, colors are visually appealing and calming, thus helping mothers to enjoy handling their routines and stay strong throughout the day. It will be made of the highest quality materials so that the final planner produced will be elegant and stylish. To ensure it is perfect, the best printing machines in Italy, the Heidelberg Printing Machines, will be used to print it.

The planner will include a yearly theme and a weekly planner, along with a personal and work to do list, an appointment calendar, scheduling areas, and kid designated areas for organizing their schedule, to keep log of vaccines, medicines, illnesses and school appointments. This will be the first time ever, that a planner will include such features. There will also be a section for monthly management and evaluation techniques. This section includes expense records, stress-controlling methods, and weekly inspiration with quotes to keep mothers motivated and inspired. There will also be a notebook so users can journal their thoughts and use it to calm their minds from chaotic days.

Also, for the first time ever, there will be a planner that has a monthly astrological analysis and a “Void of Course” moon phases where individuals mark down important dates to block out. There is also a what’s cooking space that has more than 60 recipes based on the healthy Mediterranean diet.

The campaign is set to end February 19th, 2015 and the goal is to raise $10,000. Once the campaign is reached, they will begin production of the first set of books to fulfill the rewards and ship the planners out by the end of February. If they are able to raise more than $30,000, all planners will get printed with a collectible slipcase. This slipcase will add sophistication and style that will keep the planner secure. 

As a way to give back to the community, for every planner sold half a dollar will be donated to “Save the Children” and “Rainbow Connections” organization. Backers also have the option to donate through the campaign.

Those who share this campaign on Facebook or Twitter will receive a free PDF version of the planner. All they have to do is send a screen shot or link of the post to [email protected].

To make a contribution, visit EASY LIFE Planner for Moms’ IndieGoGo campaign



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