Fox Renderfarm Client/App download allows users to manage files with efficiency and monitor rendering tasks effectively

January 28 11:13 2015

RayVision is known for its industry-leading innovation and professional services in the world of cloud rendering. Having served clients like SKG, DreamWorks, American Industrial Light and Magic, and numerous other well known CG animation production and picture animation companies from over 35 countries, RayVision is all set to make a history of its own.

The young team members of RayVision come from Honk Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, America, and India. An employee of RayVision reportedly commented, “We have a vast talent pool at RayVision as the business has tremendously invested in high-performance computing and CG render optimization to provide the best rendering services to the world”

RayVision has developed the Fox Renderfarm Client/App Download to enable users to keep an eye on the rendering process no matter where they are. This app was initially developed for Android smart phones; however, it has been recently launched for Windows PC as well.

A representative of RayVision further explained, “The Android app is meant to keep the users updated on the rendering process, so it does not matter where you are, you can easily check the rendering status through Fox Renderfarm Client. Moreover, with the Android app, users can also resubmit, abort, pause, or start any rendering tasks without any issue. It also provides users with the latest software that is being supported by our systems.”

Continuing on his explanation, he further added, “On the other hand, the Windows PC appgives a lot more control to the users who have opted for Fox Render Farm. They can easily manage the files, which are already uploaded to the system and can also download and upload new files to the system. Tasks of supported software like Maya, 3d Max etc. can also be added through this platform. Obviously, the rendering progress can also be monitored.”

About the Company:

RayVision was formed in 2010, and was the first company to offer a cloud rendering platform to customers. Online renderfarm. In fact, the company is known to have pioneered “self service cloud rendering”. The internet technology company specializes in cluster rendering, parallel computing technology, and provides the computing services needed for cloud rendering. Some of the company’s reputable customers include DreamWorks, SKG, Magic, and American Industrial Light.

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