RuffGrip® Rolls Out A New Product For Dog Handlers

January 28 11:43 2015
The RuffGrip® Basic leash is now available to meet the demands of dog professionals, pet owners with arthritis as well as children.

There’s a powerful bond between dogs and their owners. Literally. We’re not talking about the emotional connection that links a dog to its owner. No, we’re talking about that physical bond, the leash, particularly the RuffGrip® leash, which is a favorite of pet owners. As RuffGrip® founder Leslie R. Munroe, explains, “Your customers want a better leash and RuffGrip® has it!”

The RuffGrip® is sturdy enough to foil the chewing of a chomping dog, durable enough to withstand rough terrain and weather, ergonomic enough to make controlling your rambunctious pet comfortable, lightweight enough at six ounces to hold in your pocket, and attractive enough to turn dog walking into Project Leashway. The no-slip, lightweight grip, rubberized woven nylon design, reinforced stitching, rivets at the handle and clip, and leather “stops” placed at six-inch increments translate into a leash that’s virtually indestructible while delivering better control. The most popular model is the RuffGrip® Original with a new product, RuffGrip® Basic weighing in at 6 oz.

The RuffGrip® has fans from another demographic that has good reason to appreciate its design. The Arthritis Foundation has praised RuffGrip® for making it possible for patients with arthritis to handle their pets with comfort and ease. Foundation spokesperson Dr. Alexis Abrahamson explains: “This leash makes walking a dog easier for people with gripping or dexterity problems due to arthritis in their hand joints.”

RuffGrip® even earns accolades for helping children handle pets on a leash. For parents who want their child to accept the responsibilities of dog ownership, including taking the pet on walks, the RuffGrip brings a special bonus. The leash receives 4.7 stars from PTPA Awards (Parent Tested Parent Approved) for the control it gives a child when handling a dog, even when the weight advantage belongs to the animal.

RuffGrip® isn’t just about leashes. They have other high-quality products for pet owners. The Munroe K9™ collar is smooth so that it won’t catch on the fur, a bonus for long-haired dogs who can suffer from matted hair if there’s collar friction. The Munroe K9™ braided buffalo leather leash has a secret ingredient for enhanced strength: a super-strong nylon cord at the center of each strand of braided leather. Looking for something that lets you grab onto your dog quickly when he’s off the leash and playing in the dog park? Then you want to try GrabTab™, a short lead that’s easy to grip, but won’t slip through your hand.  

The RuffGrip® product line is a favorite for pet owners who want to make sure that their physical bond with their dog is as strong and easy to maintain as their emotional ties. When you need a little help in handling “man’s best friend,” turn to RuffGrip®.

As Leslie Munroe puts it, “RuffGrip® products were born out of a need that dog lovers all over the world share—to have a better, safer and stronger connection with their dogs while looking fabulous!”

About RuffGrip®

Since 1998, RuffGrip®  has been making leashes that dog owners love. Their leashes help dog lovers the world over have a stronger, better, and safer connection with their dogs. Their most popular leashes are the RuffGrip® Original and the recent RuffGrip® Basic. Made of supple leather with brass hardware and a rubberized woven nylon design, RuffGrip® has virtually eliminated leash burn and slippage. RuffGrip® leashes come in multiple lengths and widths to meet the needs of pet owners.

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