Detailed introducing about the characteristics of the Battery Capacity Tester from RETOP ELECTRIC INC

January 23 10:10 2015

Jan 23, 2015 – America – The Battery Capacity Tester from RETOP ELECTRIC INC ( adopts the PTC ceramic resistance which could effectively avoid the heating phenomenon and let the wholly testing process become so security.

The Battery Capacity Tester has the function of wireless communication. The wireless collection box, discharge host and monitoring PC has been communicated with each other by the method of wirelessly which let the operation of this device become so flexible and convenient.

The wireless collection box could be better monitored each cell and achieve wholly monitoring to the full battery set.

The installation, commissioning and maintenance of this equipment are very simple. In addition, the operation of this device is very safety and reliability.

The Battery Capacity Tester has been equipped with the PC monitoring system, which could help to achieve the real-time monitoring for the entire discharge processing and then it could also monitor the total voltage, discharge current and voltage of each cell and other data and then generate the corresponding data report. This could help people intuitive response battery performance.

Another character of this device is that it has the USB interface which could help to transform the data of discharge process into the U disk and then import the data into PC. The related PC data management software could help people analyze each detail of the battery discharge process and generate the corresponding data report.

This device also adopts the ARM MCU intelligent control and LCD display which let the menu operation become so clear and simple.

It also has the automatic protection function. People could set the time of discharge. If the battery voltage is lower than the set minimum value or the situation of abnormal load connections, the batter capacity tester will automatically stop the discharging process and send the related alarm.

This device could also estimate the battery capacity by discharging for short period of time which is normally 10 minutes or more. However, the predicted capacity from this method is also not very accuracy.

In addition to former characteristics, the Battery Internal Resistance Tester from famous supplier could also record the discharge situation of each cell during discharge conditions. The recorded discharging condition include the total capacity of the main battery, the total voltage, total current of the single cell voltage changing and others

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