Italy Priest use the cell phone jammer to avoid his believer to using the cell phone during the praying process

January 23 10:15 2015

Jan 23, 2015 – Italy – Now, more and more people could not leave their cell phone even if when they are doing the prayer. This problem bitters the Father Michele Madonna of the Church of Our Lady of Mount Athos in Naples, Italy. According to the report from the famous 4g cell phone jammer online seller, this famous Father finally find a method to avoid the believers’ mindless for playing smart phone during the process of praying. This method is the application of the cell phone signal jammers.

Madonna spent about 60 dollars to buy this equipment. The priest said that he adopt this measurement without the lack of patience and confidence but to avoid the embarrassment face of those believers who have been advised for turning off the phone. His method has already got very good result and now most of his believers are very concentrated during the process of praying.

Maybe people have the thought about whether the method of Madonna priest is really appropriate or not. According to the introduction of this priest, his behavior has been supported by the local police. But apparently, this method has not been welcomed by all other priest feel. The local store owner is very unhappy for this method. This shop owner said that the action of this priest has been interfering signal jammers to their credit card machine and affect their business.

It is indeed that the using of the cell phone jamming device is illegal in some countries of the world. During the first half of this year, a Florida man was fined for 48,000 dollars on account of driving with a cell phone signal jammers wander everywhere of the city. However, this device has been widely used for many official places such as examination, meeting hall and others. Like we all know “all coins have two sides”.

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