Best Commercial Remodeling Deal After Harvey

February 05 17:42 2018
Houston Remodel Pros is here to offer affordable remodeling services for businesses who suffered after Harvey and still can’t get back on their feet.

Due to the Harvey hurricane, some Houston retail businesses are still struggling to get back on their feet. On the bright side, Houston Remodel Pros, offers incredible financing with zero dollars down payment and no payment for 2 months.  Business owners can finally take a breath and get back to generating incomes. For commercial remodel, there are different financing options available. Instead of paying upfront let’s say $40,000 for a retail remodel in Houston, the small businesses can pay $200/month. Entrust your commercial remodeling project and you can get back to business in no time.

Houston Remodel Pros is a full-service construction company for small, medium, and large-scale remodeling and building projects. Financing is available with 0% interest rate for 2 months along with a One-Year Warranty and Franchise Opportunities. With over 200 homes and businesses remodeled, Houston Remodel Pros is able to do almost any remodeling project in Houston, thanks to the abilities and knowledge of its team members. Their licensed, insured specialists come from all conceivable areas of construction, from painting and installing to flooring, roofing and electrical. Each transformation is the result of quality planning, design, and execution. They treat each project as one of a kind, tailoring it to the client’s vision.

Any successful commercial remodel requires meeting the time and budget guidelines. “In commercial remodeling it is particularly important to make realistic estimates of time it will take to complete the remodeling project. People and business processes depend on those estimates”, says the company senior project manager Gavriel.

Houston Remodel Pros has extensive experience in renovating retail and business spaces that are open and operating. Sometimes remodeling doesn’t require shutting down the whole space for the time of the remodel, in such cases the contractor would do the minor remodeling work, making sure the safety is at the highest priority. In case of renovating the flooded businesses in Houston, the Houston Remodel Pros representative said, that “it is a very complex process since the first step is to eliminate mold and make sure the structure of a building is solid. Then we can do the dry walls, put new paint and flooring. Depending on the complexity of the damage and size of the space business owners may expect to be back to businesses within 3 to 12 weeks.”

If your business has suffered from Hurricane Harvey and you are still not sure how to find sufficient funding for the renovation, call Houston Remodel Pros today to get estimates and financing and be back to business within a month!

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