Dattplace, a Self-Developed Social Media Platform Providing Interactive and Customized Services

February 02 16:00 2018
Many individuals have their own battles that they are fighting for in life. When there is a sudden burst of negative feelings and emotions, many people seek comfort and strength from online platforms to back them up. Dattplace is one of these platforms, developed by Raising Dragon LLC. It is a trusted social media platform providing users with reliable interactive and customized services.

Individuals need this platform to express their negative feelings like sadness, depression, break and job loss. The common problem nowadays is that many individuals are scared to express or open up their feelings resulting from negative experiences such as breakup. This is mainly because they are afraid of being criticized and judged and they are also scared that people they love will see their posts and will start to worry about them.

On one hand, someone actually share their thoughts and feelings about his or her situation to anyone who knows them, but unable to get supportive response. On the other hand, those who give response are strangers who really have no idea what their post is all about and how they truly feel. This is actually where Dattplace comes in. With Dattplace, individuals will no longer be alone. This platform allows their voice to be heard.

There are features that make Dattplace a highly interactive, reliable and effective social media platform delivering interactive and customized services. These include real name replying and anonymous posting. Sadness and loneliness sufferers are free to choose the options they want.

Since their identity and real story will be exposed on real name replying feature of Dattplace, other individuals’ response will be positive and nice and sufferers will no longer mind on the results. With Dattplace, individuals also go to choose who to send to. It can be their family, friends or even strangers. Some can send or post those things that they do not want their friends and family to see to strangers through world channel. Experience tag is another great feature of Dattplace. These experience tags are mainly aimed for individuals to share their feelings and find those who truly understand them.

With Dattplace, Individuals can now therefore truly speak and express their real feeling of sadness, loneliness and despair without worrying about other people’s judgments.

For more information, feel free to check out www.dattplace.com.

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