Nirav Shah’s Journey to Cryptonaire Status

January 18 17:34 2018

Hedge fund Manager and business owner Nirav Shah can now say he has reached the multimillion-dollar mark in trading cryptocurrencies with Platinum Investments Associates Ltd, a United Kingdom-based company. It has only taken Mr Shah two short years to do so. He has now joined the esteemed league of Cryptonaires that have made their fortunes as Crypto Millionaires.

“I am thrilled to have surpassed my first goal of making millions from the crypto-currency market,” stated Nirav Shah.  “I look forward to helping others do the same with our Crypto Academy and my bestselling Book, Crypto Currencies deciphered. I believe in sharing information and knowledge.”

Nirav Shah is originally from South London. Having reached the ranks of UK’s Crypto Millionaires it’s time to show the masses how to take control of their finances and break out of the normal boundaries people face he quoted. It has only taken a few short years for him to do so and it can be the same for others.

For over a decade, Mr Shah has been dealing in Financial Markets, but it was his successful methodology and strategies which spurred him to study cryptocurrencies in 2015. He is now the author of a book entitled “Crypto Currencies Undeciphered”.  In the book, Mr Shah shares valuable information about the market of cryptocurrency and how to profit from it. What started off as a mere discussion has developed into so much more.

With a core investment of under $5000, Shah purchased bitcoin at $750 and many other altcoins. He made over $15,000 per single coin from his initial investment on just bitcoin. Mr Shah built upon his portfolio and the ripple effect began. He has stated that 2018 will be the most phenomenal year for cryptocurrencies and he expects to turn 20 individuals into Cryptonaires!

Mr Shah’s story has been featured on CNBC and Financial Times. His work in the financial sector is being hailed as phenomenal. Nirav Shah is a Hedge fund Manager with a keen interest in financial markets. Mr Shah’s family for generations has been aligned with the financial industry with his father, a prestigious financial consultant who have worked at such institutions as Citibank, Bank of American and ICAP.

To find out more about Mr Shah and his amazing story of success, visit his profile page on the Platinum Crypto Academy website

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