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“A Tun of Tales” is the Ideal Book of Beer-Related Stories for Every Bar and Beer Lover’s Home

Bill Downs is one of the beer industry’s most recognized figures. Not only is he a brewer himself and the founder and former president of the Mesa Verde Mashers, a local homebrews organization, but he is also well-traveled reporter for the Rocky Mountain Brewing News and a Certified Beer Judge.  Over the years, Bill has […]

Sonata Software showcases path-breaking SME Led Technology Solutions at the SAPs Innovation Express

We aim to connect with a wide range of SMEs at the SAP Innovation Express. During its journey in Maharashtra and Gujarat, our teams would be able to demonstrate and showcase the most innovative SAP technologies including cloud, mobility, analytics and big data, said, Mohan Muthuraj, Associate VP, Technology Infrastructure Group – Sonata Software Aims […] Gives Applicants The Hidden Edge

For every entering class, admission to a high school, college or university is more competitive than ever. Top schools will typically reject 80-90% of all candidates, including many with perfect grade point averages and high test scores. DETROIT, MICHIGAN, September 23, 2014. School admissions have become super-competitive, yet there are those student applicants that know […] Launches New Site — A Unique Collection of Puzzles For The Family

Puzzles are a great way to keep the brain in top notch condition, so one can reap the benefits even when not playing. A fun way to enjoy family time. CAVE CITY, ARKANSAS, September 23, 2014. The proliferation of mobile devices and electronic games have isolated people from interacting as they did many years ago. […]

Tiffany Rothman Describes the Script Analysis: Actor’s Feeding Tube

Tiffany Rothman starts off by stating: “When asked how important it is to thoroughly  analyze the script, my wonderful and talented acting coach, the actress Lenore Harris, would reply: “Script analysis is the revelatory journey into a time capsule of a playwright, a period and its socio-political history/milieu. Your analysis and research must dig deep […]

Tiffany Rothman Describes Building a Character and an Actress

In her own words, Tiffany Rothman describes how to build a character and be a successful actress. Tiffany Rothman, a popular stage actress starts out by stating: “When a performer tries to build a character for a play or film or even in dance choreography, a full story has to be created for the character. […]

Tiffany Rothman Describes Farce: A Type of Comedy

These are stage actress, Tiffany Rothman’s own words on Farce (a type of comedy). Tiffany Rothman, a popular stage actress set some time to put a meaning to the word “farce.” Here’s what Mrs. Rothman said … Farce is one type of comedy and, in some respects, it resembles an efficiently operating machine in which […]

Interview with Tiffany Rothman on Being an Actress

Stage actress Tiffany Rothman recently conducted an interview with Stage actress Tiffany Rothman recently joined in on an interview with In the interview, Tiffany Rothman tells us what it is like to be an actress before receiving an awards at the Golden Globes. Below is the full interview with Tiffany Rothman. You’re more […]

Tiffany Rothman Talks about the Movie “Finding Home”

Tiffany Rothman stars in the movie titled “Finding Home.” Her character is focused on saving her next door neighbor. The movie titled “Finding Home” takes place in an an ordinary looking building, somewhere in New York City, where a group of tenants from completely different cultures and backgrounds are staying. They also have different beliefs […]


SUMMER HOUSE PICTURES is aLos Angeles-based,full-service international film and video production company that’s carving a path of its own in American and overseas entertainment markets, handling all production needs for international companies who want to bring their projects to the US. Founders LazRael Lison and Tatiana Chekhova offer clients a competitive, multi-faceted range of filmmaking […]