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Balanced Scorecard Institute Discusses Its Seminal Work, The Institute Way

Management of BSI discusses its use of the Balance Scorecard Concept during an interview by 21st Century Television. Boca Raton FL, July 31, 2014 – A recent interview by 21st Century Television provides some useful insights into the work of the Balanced Scorecard Institute. The founder and CEO of BSI, Howard Rohm, summarized the goal of […]

Baltimore Area Dentists Offer New Treatment that Whitens Spots on Teeth

This advanced therapy can re-mineralize teeth from spots caused by braces, root decay, or other damage. Our minimally invasive treatment strengthens the tooth with minerals that fix the spot damage, as well as help the teeth to be less susceptible to future decay. Toomey Dentistry in Towson, MD, recently announced its use of an advanced […]

Local Exclusive Offers Connects Retailers and Consumers Through Loyalty Apps

Recognizing Buying Habits of Today’s Consumers BOCA RATON FL, July 31, 2014 – 21st Century Television is proud to announce our latest interview with Jeff Dyck, CEO and founder of Local Exclusive Officers (LEO). LEO brings exclusive offers from local retailers direct to consumer’s smart phones using their GPS based app. LEO provides free service to […] Adds New Halo Designs to Their Engagement Ring Collection has recently added new halo-style ring designs to their engagement ring collection. has recently added new halo-style ring designs to their engagement ring collection, giving couples more options to find the ring that matches their style. These new halo designs fall into two categories, Cathedral Halos and Cathedral Halos with Side Diamonds. Each […]

T.E.A.M Announces Nationwide Paid Undergraduate Positions

NEWPORT BEACH, California — T.E.A.M (Travel, Entertainment and Marketing), a company that helps Greeks plan their formals and other events, has announced the addition of a new paid position. The T.E.A.M Campus Manager Internship Position will allow undergraduates the opportunity to help fellow students by promoting T.E.A.M services and their marketing clients. The successful candidates […]

Ebay Redemption Codes Released for August 2014 offers new eBay promo codes and deals to save in various departments. Many people use eBay as a way to save money on new and used products. The auction website encompasses a number of departments including clothing, bedding, sports memorabilia, RVs and trailers, back to school supplies, and more. An eBay promotional code will […]

New Mobile App, Zolent, Identifies Hidden Talents in Users

The world is full of people who fail to identify their greatest talent. For one reason or another, an amazing mathematical or artistic genius may choose another career without recognizing their hidden skills. A new mobile app called Zolent will help users identify their talents in fields like drama, fashion, architecture or music and help […]

Funny T-Shirts for Funny People… and Their Clones!!! brings a vast variety of fun t-shirts for people who like to exhibit their fun side through print t-shirts. The t-shirts available on the website vary from cool graphic prints to vintage t-shirts and t-shirt for geeks. Behind the brand are a creative group of designers who know what’s funny in the world of printed t-shirts, […]

New Sports Endurance Product – Carnisil is Endorsed by Lifeshift Consultancy

Lifeshift Consultancy have announced their endorsement of a new sports endurance product – Carnisil. Los Angeles, CA, USA (July 31, 2014) — Lifeshift Consultancy is pleased to announce their successful evaluation and endorsement of a new sports endurance product – ‘CARNISIL’. Mr Allison, the Founder and CEO of LifeshiftConsultancy says, “It’s been a pleasure collaborating […]

Finger Puppets Inc. Offers Unique and Appealing Toys to Consumers While also Providing Employment to the Impoverished of Peru

After learning about the handcrafted, yarn finger puppets which had been produced for centuries by the Quechua and Aymara people of the Andes, entrepreneur Robby Sorensen immediately recognized the commercial potential for these colorful and enchanting toys. After selling out of his stock at trade shows, county fairs, retail outlets, street festivals and virtually anywhere […]